Cellulite Reduction Technology

Soliton will enable clinicians to provide a completely non-invasive treatment option which requires no anesthesia and causes no patient downtime while delivering real results.

Treatment Specifics

Our technology induces mechanical disruption to targeted tissues with no cavitation, heat or damage to other sensitive structures, such as blood vessels and nerve fibers. The sound wave physically disrupts the fibrous septa that tethers the skin down — or causes cellulite or “dimpling” in the skin– without ever breaking the skin. This also allows the skin to rebound and regain a smoother texture.

Treatment Specifics


The Soliton treatment is completely non-invasive, requires no anesthesia and causes no patient downtime. In our pivotal study, patients reported strong satisfaction with results from the single, non-invasive treatment.
Soliton’s cellulite therapy can be administered safely and effectively by a technician in your office enabling a revenue-generating treatment option for your practice with minimal time demands on physicians.

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