Test Fixtures for EMAR

Test Fixtures for EMAR


At a Glance


Repeatable and stable positioning of sensors relative to tested parts is a significant consideration in many EARS applications. Our standard or custom engineered test fixture components are a necessary part of any ARIS system. Their purpose is primarily to maintain accuracy of the test over time through consistent sensor positioning and sensor lift-off distances. Fixtures also protect sensor faces and part surface finishes.

Compact fixturing hardware is selected to best match the existing test conditions and materials handling designs present in any given production environment. Material thru put speeds, cleanliness, setup times, and space constraints all help to drive toward the best possible test support hardware for any application. Resonic's proven, fixture components are manufactured with precision from durable, non-ferrous materials and often feature inexpensive, replaceable wear surface parts.

Manual, Semi-automatic, and Fully Automated Testing

ARIS system technology is highly versatile and test procedures can be adapted to a range of usage scenarios. For lab use or for use in low volume part sorting fixtures can support manual part loading and/or hand holding of sensors. But for more sensitive or high volume measurements tests are frequently designed to include automation or motion control. For automation, our own sensor and fixture assemblies are integrated with off the shelf motion control products. The control of linear, rotary, and multi-axis motion equipment is done by ARIS operating software due to its close relationship with the collection of high quality test data.